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Bogra is a town in Northern Bangladesh. It is located in the Bogra District of Rajshahi Division. Bogra District with an area of 2919.9 sq km, bounded by JOYPURHAT and GAIBANDHA districts on the north, the CHALAN BEEL, NATORE and SIRAJGANJ districts on the south, JAMUNA river and JAMALPUR district on the east, Part of Chalan Beel, NAOGAON and Natore districts on the west. Main rivers: KARATOYA, NAGAR, Bangali, ICHAMATI. Annual average temperature maximum 34.6° C and minimum 11.9° C; annual total rainfall 1610 mm. Bogra (Town) founded in 1850 consists of 12 wards and 46 mahallas. Bogra municipality was established in 1884. It has an area of 18.85 sq km. The town has a population of 150138; male 52.37%, female 47.63%. Literacy rate among the town people is 63%. Bogra is known as the industrial city of the North Bengal. Constructions of the BANGABANDHU JAMUNA MULTIPURPOSE BRIDGE had enhanced all kinds of trade and commerce in Bogra. The town is famous for its cultural activities. Administration Bogra district was established in 1821 consisting of 9 thanas, of which four from Rajshahi district (Adamdighi, Bogra, Sherpur, Nawkhila), 3 from Dinajpur district (Lalbazar, Badalgachhi, Khetlal), and two from Rangpur district (Gobindaganj, Dewanganj). In 1983 Bogra district was divided into two districts (Bogra and Joypurhat). Bogra district consists of 5 municipalities, 48 wards, 166 mahallas, 11 upazilas, 109 union parishads, 1782 mouzas and 2706 villages. The upazilas are ADAMDIGHI, BOGRA SADAR, DHUNAT, DUPCHANCHIA, GABTALI, KAHALOO, NANDIGRAM, SARIAKANDI, SHERPUR, SHIBGANJ, AND SONATOLA. Bogra has recently hosted its first cricket test match.This town has an importance in terms of transport in northern part of Bangladesh as it's situated at the centre. Very close to the town there is a place called Mahasthangar which was the earliest capital city of Bangladesh. This place is considered to be sacred by Buddhists, Muslims and Hindus alike. "Behular Bashor Ghar" which very near to Mahasthangar is a popular place for the tourists. Tourists from all over Bangladesh visit this place throughout the year. Bogra has gone through massive development projects over the past few years. Its development progress is much greater comparing to rest of Bangladesh.